For a tolerant society

Economic success and social responsibility don’t need to exclude each other. The mafilm is
characterized by responsible employees.
The topics right-wing radicalism (Augen auf!, Kriegerin) as well as environment protection
have a high significance for us and our work. We are involved in projects with these topics,
beyond our movies. It’s all about taking a stand – and maybe for a vision of a better social

interaction among all of us.


Youthinkgreen is an international environment-educational-initiative, which trains over 220
young people from industrialized, emerging and developing countries to be climate-
ambassadors. The initiative works together with local groups of adolescents and develops
sustainability projects for a more sustainable future. With these projects and more activities
youthinkgreen wants to mobilize a growing sustainability-movement. The mafilm supports
this great project with the as much help as we can effort.

jugend denkt um.welt – “Museum” from youthinkgreen.

Together for the future

The mafilm trains young people in three different jobs. During the last years the Mafilm
trained 11 trainees, retrainees and network-trainees. Five interns have made their basis for
their studies at the HFF in Babelsberg due to their long-term internships at Mafilm.

A home for children

Taking responsibility always means to have a look beyond one’s own nose. That’s how the
Mafilm became one of the initiators and supporters of the school’s project “A home for
children”. After the tsunami in December 2004 we helped building a preschool for children in
the south of Sri Lanka and run it for five years. In November of 2010 the preschool was
handed over to the Buddhist society.